Friday, October 28, 2005

Mr. Sulu Is Gay

George Takei, who you all know as Sulu from Star Trek in the '60s, has just come out and admitted that he's gay.
That reminded me of a story. It was probably almost 10 years ago when I got a call from Jaymz Bee (the well-known Toronto bandleader, singer, producer, party organizer, radio host, emcee, man about town and author of Cocktail Parties For Dummies) to invite me to Barberian's Steak House to drink martinis with him, his manager and Takei. Though I never got into any of the movies or spin-off TV series', I'm a big fan of the original Star Trek, so there was no way that I was going to pass up an opportunity to have cocktails with Mr. Sulu. While I can't recall any great revelations coming out of our conversation, which lasted about an hour, it was one of those kitschy thrills that sometimes make life more interesting.
By the way, while sticking with the Star Trek theme: I still stand by my assertion that Leonard Nimoy's The Way I Feel is the best album in the world to make love to. My track-by-track thesis won me a contest that was broadcast on CBC Radio's Brave New Waves program in the early '90s and, if I can find it somewhere in my archives, I'll post it sometime.
So if you're ever at my house, and I put The Way I Feel on the turntable, get ready for what could be the night of your life.

np The Rockin' Highliners - Oh My!

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