Sunday, September 04, 2005

JC, Tara, Tima and myself ventured south of the border to Buffalo on Friday afternoon. Our first stop was the famous Anchor Bar, where we feasted on a platter of large and delicious chicken wings. The ladies had never had the Anchor Bar experience before, but I try to indulge every time I'm in Buffalo.
It was then on to Orchard Park and Ralph Wilson Stadium for an exhibition game between the Bills and the Detroit Lions. It was a totally uninspiring game, with the Lions taking a 21-7 victory. (You can see one of their touchdowns to the left.) I haven't seen all of the stats, but I'm sure there were more yards in penalties than there were in total offence. Though I haven't been much of a Lions fan since Barry Sanders retired, I was disappointed to see newly signed quarterback Jeff Garcia get clotheslined and go down after a long run. It didn't look that serious, but he was taken off the field on a cart and I found out the next day that his leg was broken and he may miss the entire season. I liked Garcia when he played in the CFL and with the San Francisco 49ers, and I was hoping that he might start ahead of Joey Harrington at QB this season. Oh well, we had beer to comfort us.
We all noticed that most of the kids and teenagers at the game had really big ears.
Donny Kutzbach had invited me to do a guest DJ set at the Mohawk club downtown after the game, but I unfortunately had to decline since we headed back to Toronto right after the game. Just like on the way over, there were no border delays on the way back. The drive home consisted of listening to Buffalo radio station WHTT, which was having an A-Z weekend of songs from the '60s and '70s. We wracked our brains to come up with titles from D through F until we made it home.

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