Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I just got home from the Tranzac Club, where I saw fine acoustic sets by Nancy Dutra and Greg Hobbs. I hadn't eaten all day, but it was Hobbs' manager's birthday and she had a cake, so I had a piece. I stayed and chatted with people until the club closed, and then embarked on my homeward walk.
When I got to within a few blocks of my townhouse, a guy driving a new Honda pulled up and asked me if I knew of any after-hours clubs. I don't frequent those places as much as I did a few years ago, and I didn't know any that would be open on a Tuesday night. He then asked me if I knew if there was a bisexual neighbourhood in Toronto. I told him about the gay area on Church Street, but that was the best I could offer. Is there a bisexual neighbourhood in Toronto?
A minute or two later, after the guy had driven around the block, he pulled up again and asked if I'd be interested in a sexual encounter. He was understanding when I told him that wasn't my scene and that I'm a committed heterosexual. After he drove away, I realized that I apologized for turning down his offer. In the past month a couple of my closest friends have chided me for being too honest, polite and easygoing. Normally, those are things I pride myself on. But then I thought that it was weird that I had just said sorry for refusing a ride with a guy who tried to pick me up in his car as I walked home at 3 a.m. Maybe I am too polite, but I can't see that changing.

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FlibityGibbit said...

It sounds very similar to the guy who tried to pick me up two years ago, August long weekend. Naturally, I obliged him.