Friday, September 09, 2005

I'm a fan of The Proclaimers' first three albums, but didn't get much out of a previous disc from Nettwerk earlier this decade. But I've just listened to the new Restless Soul album and quite like it. There's more instrumentation than the early days (although there's too much synthesizer on the title track), but there's a definite country element in some of the best songs like Everyday I Try and The One Who Loves You Now. And the organ and darker rootsy rock on Turning Away and What I Saw In You reminded me a lot of Blue Rodeo. I haven't seen the group since I first discovered it at the Pogues Picnic at London's
Finsbury Park in 1987, but it has a club date at Lee's Palace next week that I'm thinking of going to. Has anyone seen The Proclaimers recently and what did you think of the show?

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