Thursday, September 01, 2005

I've been a big Stompin' Tom Connors fan since I was a kid. I have more than a dozen of his albums, I've seen him perform at least half-a-dozen times and have had that many conversations and beers with him. I have an autographed Stompin' Tom T-shirt and photo, two almost life-sized cardboard stand-ups of the man in my townhouse, and had a customized Stompin' Tom beer bottle until it accidentally fell off a shelf and broke. But I don't have a Stompin' Tom DVD because, until now, he's never had one. Tom is playing Hamilton Place on Sept. 7 and a crew will be on hand to shoot material for a DVD at the show. EMI Music Canada will be releasing the DVD on a still unannounced date when it's finished and ready to go.

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