Monday, August 08, 2005

I arrived at Lee's Palace too late to see Phranc, unfortunately, since
I bought her I Enjoy Being A Girl album upon its 1989 release and
quite liked it -- especially Folksinger, Martina, Bloodbath and Take
Off Your Swastika. I said "Hi" to her in the dressing room, but that
was it.
I arrived during The Knitters' third song and went to the office above
the stage to get a prime view. It's a bit odd that John Doe still
looks cool but Exene now looks somewhat matronly -- albeit with
tattoos. DJ Bonebrake was playing a stand-up snare drum and a washtub
bass drum at the front of the stage with the rest of the group and had
a constant smile on his face. I moved down beside the stage and stood
less than a metre from Dave Alvin, who has to be one of the coolest
guitar players around. He didn't even have a microphone and just did
his part without fanfare. It's rare that you see a player like that
who seems to lack any ego.
I saw John Doe perform a solo show at SXSW in March, and I saw Exene
that same night fronting the Original Sinners, but had never seen them
together. I know that it will never make economic sense for X to play
Toronto, so this is as good as it will ever get for me, and hearing
John and Exene's voices together was magic. The X portion of the
playlist consisted of Skin Deep Town, Call of the Wreckin' Ball,
Burning House of Love, I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts and House I Call
Home. A cover of Rock Island Line sounded great, and the set-ending
cover of Born To Be Wild wasn't too bad either.
It was a great show and I was about to buy the new Knitters album from
the merch table, but the Canadian Rounder rep told me that he'd mail
me a free one instead. Who am I to say "No" to that. So while I can't
vouch for the new album, apart from whatever live stuff the band
played from it last night, I look forward to hearing it.

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gregorb said...

I thought the band...well, Exene in particular, weren't having the greatest time. Sort of going through the motions, which was too bad. Check out my original X pix from back in '84 at:
Exene was definitely less matronly and DJ had more hair. John Doe, as always, is a as cool as ever.