Thursday, August 25, 2005

Chart publisher Ed Skira and managing editor Aaron Brophy both forwarded this e-mail to me after receiving it at the magazine:

Name: stewart reynolds
Comment: it's just come to my attention that steve mclean is a writer at chart.
i wish it to be known that i fought for, and won, steve's big mac scraps when he was social convenor at stratford central secondary school.
i believe this to be newsworthy.

I remember an Ian Reynolds from high-school, and have seen him occasionally in the intervening years, but I'm not sure about a Stewart Reynolds. I didn't eat that many Big Macs back then (though I did win a couple of ice cream-eating contests that I should tell you about sometime), and I didn't leave any scraps for people to fight over if I did.
But I'm glad that I could make such an impression on young Stewart that he thinks his 20-year-old accomplishment is now newsworthy.

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