Wednesday, April 09, 2014

The She's - Dreamers

I haven't heard The She's' Then It Starts to Feel Like Summer debut album, but my introduction to the all-woman group from San Francisco via the new Dreamers EP makes me want to.

These six songs convey images of classic '60s girl group pop, but with an updated edge, courtesy of guitarists Hannah Valente and Eva Treadway, bassist Sami Perez and drummer Sinclair Riley. The songs are dreamy and melodic, the three-part harmonies are tight (most notably on "Lots to Hide") and the listening experience is just plain fun and leaves you wanting to hear more.

The guitars gently chime in "Violet" and are more up front in the introduction to "Mystery," where the vocals are flatter in some places but don't hamper the song because the hooks are still there. "Jordan Baker" has the twee element of the other tunes, but a larger emphasis on the drums gives it a more forceful sound overall.

These girls are young but full of promise, and this EP shows that they're achievers as much as they are Dreamers.

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