Tuesday, April 01, 2014

New Brews Willis video

If you've ever seen Toronto trio Brews Willis perform, the term "Great Energy" would likely be among the first to come to mind.

Well, that's about to become more ingrained in your mind, as the lo-fi, garage-rocking punk outfit has just issued an entertaining new video for the title track of its five-song Great Energy EP. It's the first clip that drummer/vocalist Pare Bruce has directed on his own and follows the equally entertaining "Ride the Island Baby" and "Where the Sharks Swim" videos from the group's raucously fun Nerped By A Zircon debut album.

If those samples are enough to make you a fan, new Brews Willis T-shirts are on the way.

If that's not enough, Bruce, singer/guitarist Ross Carvelli and singer/bassist Sam Vipond will travel to Los Angeles this month to record a new LP. Party's Over will move the group toward "a bit more alternative/'90s grunge-inspired sound," according to Bruce.

Perhaps the boys can visit the Beverly Hills home that their namesake actor listed on the market last year for $22 million dollars while taking a break from recording. And fingers are crossed that the album turns out better than The Return of Bruno.

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