Sunday, April 25, 2010

Library Voices — Denim On Denim
Library Voices have followed their 2008 Hunting Ghosts (& Other Collected Shorts) with a very accomplished 12-track debut album that was produced by the band and Orion Paradis. 
Andy Shauf and members of Woodpigeon, Rah Rah, Sylvie and Northcote contributed to the worthy cause.
This eight-piece collective is full of classic pop influences, but there's more than enough modern indie pop in the grooves to keep hipsters happy. "Model City" and "Balloon Menageries" are the only two songs that didn't do much for me, but everything else is bursting with goodness that at times may remind you of fellow Canucks The New Pornographers and Hidden Cameras. It's not just mindless fun either, as the lyrics are literate and intelligent.
Denim On Denim has just moved up to a prominent spot on my list of possible Polaris Music Prize first-ballot candidates.
This Regina group should inspire as much local pride as its football team that can't keep track of how many players it has on the field during the last play of the Grey Cup.

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