Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dead To Me — African Elephants

This San Francisco trio's third Fat Wreck release is a relatively diverse punk album. 
Opening track "X" songs like one of The Clash's reggae efforts, and the Jamaican influence can also be found in "A Day Without War." "California Sun" isn't a cover of The Rivieras classic, but has a nice tropical vibe and a call and response chorus. 
"Liebe Liese" deals with the development of the atomic bomb, but the dark subject matter is counterpointed by pure pop backing harmomies. Acoustic guitar works well in "Cruel World" and "Bad Friend" builds momentum as it progresses. 
"Tierra Del Fuego" is a melodic punk-pop number, while "Modern Muse" and "Fell Right In" are a little more aggressive, and closer "Blue" even verges slightly into metal territory.
I'll give African Elephants an 8 out of 10.
The album is out on Nov. 10. 
You can  find out more here.

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