Saturday, September 19, 2009

Rancid — Let The Dominoes Fall

Rancid may head my list of top punk bands from the past 15 years, and Indestructible was my favourite album of 2003, but it's been a six-year wait for this follow-up. Let The Dominoes Fall came out in June and I'm almost embarassed to say I didn't get a copy of it until last week. It doesn't quite match its predecessor, but it's a strong 8/10 album that features the type of melodic punk with hints of ska (and even a bit of rockabilly on a couple of these cuts) that I've come to know and love. The most notable track is probably "Up To No Good," which features a ska rhythm, horns and keyboards by the legendary Booker T. Jones. "Civilian Ways" offers a rootsy change of pace and throws in some mandolin. "Skull City" sounds like it could have been from one of Iggy's Pop's more recent albums. There are lots of other highlights, but you'll have to get the album and discover them for yourself.

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